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“The Important Places” – Short Film

In this short collaborative film called “The important places”, we follow the small journey of a son taking his father down memory lane you start to learn about his father and how much his father appreciates the river and the mountains  you see once old man turn into a young boy again you see how

“Antarctica” Short Nature Film

“Antarctica” is a short nature film, filmed over the course of 20 days. It’s shot beautifully with a GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition and a DJI Phantom 2. You can see Antarctica’s stunning mountains and beautifully carves icebergs, shaped from years undisturbed nature in the water and wind. You can even see through the clear blue water of

“Imersão” – A Short Film Of Portugal

IMERSÃO “IMERSÃO” from Morgan Jouquand on Vimeo. In this beautifully shot film we get to see Portugal at its finest, from the wonderful lush forests to the calm, soothing ocean, all the way to the busy bustling city. The video shares the wonderful sounds of the birds chirping, the wind blowing through the trees, and the waves of the shore all

“MOMENTS //NYC” Short Film

A collaborative cinematography film..

“MOMENTS” is a video created  by two people Tim Sessler and Cameron Michael, using the Freefly Mimic (stabilizer for your camera). Using this tool they were able to capture magnificent shots that look just like the Hollywood shots you often see but on a much smaller, more natural scale. This along with great cinematography allowed them to