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Oskar Schuster – “Tristesse Telescopique”

Oskar Schuster is an instrumental musician based in Berlin, who mixes neo-classical influences with electronic vibes from the present to produce exquisitely moving music. His third full length album, “Tristesse Telescopique” is set to be released on September 4th. This newest release is a testament to his ability to evoke a deep poignance in listeners with a darker and more

Bob Saget on “Sway in the Morning”

Bob Saget is back in action

Bob Saget (yes, the dad from Full House) recently had an interview spot on Sway in the Morning, the popular radio show known for fantastic freestyles and hilarious moments with the faces of hip-hop music. Why Bob Saget was on Sway, I have no idea. I also have no problems with this. I’m extremely satisfied, if

An Interview with Tennis Champ

From talking to Max, who also goes by Tennis Champ, you quickly notice that he is a fun, adventure driven young New Zealand Lad. I happened to stumble upon him over the internet, asked him for an interview and he quickly got back to me. Below is our conversation. I’ve only started hearing of all of

MOR Interview: Melvv

What was the main inspiration for Vibe? I was honestly trying to make a hip hop-esque beat for a guy named Felly, my favorite rapper.I sent over an early version and he told me it would sound better with no vocals. He made me realize that it had serious potential as an instrumental. And I