Category: Alternative

Broken Back – “Halcyon Birds”

Broken Back is a band, headed by Jérôme, that originated in 2013. Despite having English lyrics, the band is based out of Paris. Having recently risen to emerging recognition, Broken Back is building an impressive repertoire of music with a collaboration with fellow Frenchman Klingande, as well as the release of their debut EP, “Dear Misfortune, Mother of

Misterwives – “Coffin”

Before I introduce the band or the song, I have to say this song is, “Wow.” It is too good. Within the first few seconds of this song, “Coffin,” I immediately fell in love and knew it would be one of my all-time favorites. Misterwives is based in New York City and headed by Mandy Lee (songwriter and lead

The Eden Project – “Jupiter”

The Eden Project (renamed EDEN) is a relatively new and upcoming indie electronic/alternative one-man group. The group is headed by Jonathan Ng out of Dublin, Ireland. Having started in 2012, Eden has not had much recognition until the past year. Their first song I ever heard, XO, was beautifully dramatic and refreshing with its mix of acoustic