MOR Interview: Melvv


Jeffrey Melvin, also known by his alias “Melvv”, is a 17 year old Milwaukee based producer who has his own sound on lock down years ahead of most producers. With 7 years under his belt making music, Jeffrey is owning the progressive, uplifting sound of his own signature style that leaves his mark, and I was lucky enough to get a brief interview with the young mastermind.

What was the main inspiration for Vibe?

I was honestly trying to make a hip hop-esque beat for a guy named Felly, my favorite rapper.I sent over an early version and he told me it would sound better with no vocals. He made me realize that it had serious potential as an instrumental. And I guess I was inspired to create it with my love for simple, happy vibes. It’s just two chords and the melody is pretty straightforward, just a feel-good tune which is my favorite mood to shoot for.

What is your weekend routine?

I always chill out on Fridays and listen to a ton of music, hang out with friends on Saturdays, and get my schoolwork done on Sundays. That obviously changes around a lot, but most of my music-making is done throughout the weekend.

During your studio sessions, what are some mandatory items/routines that you do to clear your mind?

I play the piano before I hit the computer. Playing stuff out on a real instrument helps make my compositions come together a lot faster and it makes them way more expressive.

If you could meet any artist, dead or alive, who would that be?

Daft Punk. They got me into electronic music when I was 12 years old. I’m not a big fan of their new album, but Homework, Human After All, and Discovery changed my life.

What artists helped inspire your style?

Definitely Tennyson, Wave Racer, and Deadmau5.

Are you going to major in an audio or musical based degree?

Probably not – I don’t even know if I’ll go to college. But if I do it’ll most likely be for marketing or radio/film/TV.

What other hobbies do you enjoy other than producing?

I run! I do cross country and track at my school.  I love playing the drums and piano, and just chilling out with friends and listening to music of course.

What are your plans for live performance?

It’s starting out as a generic DJ setup, but over time it will probably progress into a full live performance. I’d love to play the drums (because I’ve been playing for about 7 years) and incorporate some live piano into my performances someday.

Do you have plans for venturing out in other genres?

Yeah! I mean electronic is always going to be my basis but I’d love to have more jazz-influences stuff. Tennyson is influencing me more than anyone else right now, and I’m actually taking jazz piano lessons currently because of him (well, them – they’re technically a duo now).

Do you have any collaborations coming up anytime soon?

Yes, but I’m keeping them quiet for now. But I’ll be working with some very talented singers and producers, so it’s pretty exciting.

Is there a label in sight anytime soon?

Yeah, I believe, I’m also supposed to keep this quiet for now though! However, it’s going to be with a label of a well-known YouTuber who has supported my stuff in the past. May work with some other labels soon after that.

And last but not least, what is your goal for this year?

I’d say being able to make a living off of this (Music) is the #1 goal. I think it’s attainable, I just need to work really hard.