“MOMENTS //NYC” Short Film

A collaborative cinematography film..

“MOMENTS” is a video created  by two people Tim Sessler and Cameron Michael, using the Freefly Mimic (stabilizer for your camera).

Using this tool they were able to capture magnificent shots that look just like the Hollywood shots you often see but on a much smaller, more natural scale. This along with great cinematography allowed them to get a wonderfully shot video in black and white, featuring some of the most beautiful urban places in New York City. These clips give a glimpse of the diversity of people and cultures there.

Set to a nice soundtrack piece by Michael Marantz.

Credits – 
Brooklyn Aerials –  brooklynaerials.com

Cinematography and Edit:
Cameron Michael – vimeo.com/cameronmichael and Tim Sessler –  timsessler.com

Michael Marantz – michaelmarantz.com

Assistant Camera:
Drew English – drewenglish.com and Joe Victorine – joevictorine.com

Behind The Scenes:
Ryan Emanuel, Drew English