Misterwives – “Coffin”

Before I introduce the band or the song, I have to say this song is, “Wow.” It is too good. Within the first few seconds of this song, “Coffin,” I immediately fell in love and knew it would be one of my all-time favorites.

Misterwives is based in New York City and headed by Mandy Lee (songwriter and lead vocalist) along with Etienne Bowler (drums) and Will Hehir (bass). They have been making tantalizing music since late 2012. You may know the band from their quite popular song, “Reflections,” which is popularly remixed. They released their first EP “Reflections”, about a year ago, which contains this hidden gem of a song, “Coffin.” They also released their debut album earlier this year, “Our Own House,” which I highly recommend.

“Coffin” has buttery smooth and soothing beats that are accompanied by vibrant and youthfully innocent vocals. The lyrics beautifully hold this song together. The longing lyrics bring listeners to reminisce about past flames. The chorus is moderately slow, a contrast to many of their other songs, but wonderfully parallel the deep and emotional beats. The vocals and melodic beats mesh together to make “Coffin” truly harmonious and addicting song.

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