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Google Play Music: Now Free

If you’ve been keeping up with the music streaming world, then you know that on June 8th Apple unveiled Apple Music. Apple Music is to rival Spotify as it is free with ad-support, whereas Spotify only offers a free trial for up to 30 days. Only about 20% of Spotify’s users pay for their premium

An Innovative Showerhead Bluetooth Speaker

The perfect solution to listening to music in the shower

Have you ever found yourself singing and dancing to your favorite song in the shower? Now, no need to be embarrassed! We’ve all found ourselves using the shampoo bottle as a microphone at one time or another. The only hassle with this is hauling that big speaker of yours into the bathroom, or just settling

Bob Saget on “Sway in the Morning”

Bob Saget is back in action

Bob Saget (yes, the dad from Full House) recently had an interview spot on Sway in the Morning, the popular radio show known for fantastic freestyles and hilarious moments with the faces of hip-hop music. Why Bob Saget was on Sway, I have no idea. I also have no problems with this. I’m extremely satisfied, if