Jean Tonique – “Guest” feat. Iris

This man walks into a bar and orders an apple martini, fully aware that it is the choice drink of college sorority girls. Unfazed by those too afraid to be judged with an apple martini, he commands the air around him and onlookers admire him for his suave confidence. Are you this person? Great, then you can relate to this track. If not, no worries, you can sit back and listen.

This appletini-drinking-man is the kind of person that would represent “Guest.” The song is soft, soothingly slow, effortlessly melodic, and above all not afraid to experiment with a unique beat and fluid male vocals. “Guest” is urbane, refreshing and a joy to listen to. The beat has a hint of that oldies funk, conjuring up images of John Travolta disco dancing in “Saturday Night Fever.” This song just makes you feel good inside. After listening to so much of the popular heart-pumping songs most people listen to nowadays, “Guest” is a perfect complement in terms of harmony and something new.

The track is just like a great guest. It impresses, etches a lasting memory, and isn’t too eager to be the center of attention. It’s the kind of song you could listen to while doing anything, from studying to working out, to some soft jamming while waiting in traffic. It’s the perfect guest to any mix.

Jean Tonique is a producer based in Paris, France. He recently released a new EP, “You” this past March. Mr. Tonique, you amaze us with your funky house music!

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