Jai Wolf – “Indian Summer”

Like a cool lassi to a spicy saliva-inducing tikki masala, “Indian Summer” is the perfect complement to summer.

Indian and electronic music– a blend I wouldn’t have expected to mix so beautifully. “Indian Summer” by Jai Wolf brings a fresh mix of two very different genres and shows the unique harmony that experimentation can bring. The classic Indian influenced beats conjures up the image of traditional Bollywood dancing or young kids playing out in the communal yard. The electronic synths give the song that modern and dreamy feel. Together, they give an unparalleled experience for listeners. The song is a modern ode to Indian influences and mixing of old and new.

Jai Wolf, whose soundcloud description reads, “just want to make you cry” truly fulfills this mantra and brings out listeners’ emotions through his songs. “Indian Summer” makes me not only want to bask in a cozy beach-side cot and stare endlessly at the ebb and flow of clear blue waves, but also appreciate at the beauty of sound and life. The beats really flow and blend with each other, producing a continuum that seems to have no beginning or end. One of my favorite parts are the “tings” in the song, which you’ll get once you listen to it. They are simple yet so poignant and bring an extra layer to the song that enhances an already great beat.

Jai Wolf is a 23 year old producer based in NYC. With a few of his own songs under his belt and a host of eargasmic remixes, there’s a lot more to expect to see from Jai Wolf!

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The image is from JaiWolf’s facebook page.