Introducing: Farm & Bass

You heard it here first: FnB (also known as FARM & BASS) is the next big genre, following a surge in new genres and styles over the course of this year thus far.

The first few flames of FnB were left behind by DJ Tracktor (rest in peace) about a decade ago, and since then the path towards this revolutionary style in music has been a momentous one.

In 2014, hinting his own interest in this field (expect an album soon??), DJ Martin Garrix released Animals, leaving the world in amazement and amassing over 500 million views on YouTube. Little did we know, this was the first step towards reviving the spirit of DJ Tracktor. Only a few months later DJ Deadmau5 uncovered the secret and decoded the hidden message behind Garrix’s track at Ultra Music Festival 2014. From there on out, it was only a matter of who would be first. DJs far and wide have tried and tried over the past few months to reach the post-industrial neo-minimalistic perfection that is FnB, but none have successfully done so. Until now.

DJ FrankJavCee, an up & coming, spunky Los Angeles DJ who teaches the creative process behind a variety of alternative and experimental genres to his audience has come out with the first (of many to come) Farm & Bass singles. Not only does he provide the audial pleasure of the track he created, he shows his mastery of this field by explaining how to make such music in a tutorial.

We’ll be starting a MORfnb channel soon, and will keep you guys updated.

Damn son.