An Interview with Tennis Champ

From talking to Max, who also goes by Tennis Champ, you quickly notice that he is a fun, adventure driven young New Zealand Lad. I happened to stumble upon him over the internet, asked him for an interview and he quickly got back to me. Below is our conversation.

I’ve only started hearing of all of these “wave” and “dream” genres from /mu/ artists, i honestly have no idea where it all came from.

Yeah, Chillwave broke out around 2011, so I’m a bit late to the party, that’s cool though,  because its not just looking like a fad anymore.

What about dream-pop? What was your main inspiration behind this taste?

My surroundings, I’m pretty lucky to live on a tropical island off of New Zealand so my sound reflects summer time adventures fucking around on Waiheke Island with friends and it was the perfect middle ground between my upbringing of playing indie rock (reverberated guitars and lo-fi drums) and my new found love for electronic music (beats and loops).

What is your live set up looking like right now for this act?

At the moment its an electric guitar (telecaster knock off) a loop pedal and a sampler (akai mpd26).

Does Mt. Eden have a large presence there?

 Yeah they definitely did around the glory days of dubstep, not quite so much at the moment. Actually I used to work with a guy that flatted with one of the guys, its a small country.

So in your untitled track, is there some influence from The Killers?

The Killers? Nah. For guitar music my go to are The Strokes or early Kings of Leon. That track was just meant as an intro to the album i’m working on so its a lot more building and suspenseful than my usual stuff.

Any shows lately?

I do little house parties from time to time, but I’ve only played 1 proper gig, but damn it was a good one, it was this rave in the middle of nowhere in the north island of New Zealand at an abandoned dam building. there were people in mascot costumes and people passing out handfuls of mescaline (a hallucinogenic.) It went until sunrise the next day.

Any video from it?

Can’t find the video, sorry dude.

 Do you actually play tennis?

Hahah, nope, fuck tennis, worst sport ever. (worst behind golf that is).

Did you just pull some random words together?

Yeah, more or less. I do think tennis shorts and a headband is a good look though.

So does Martin Solveig.

I didn’t know this guy existed, there goes my gimmick, thanks man

You aren’t familiar with pop house?

Ahh, yes I’ve definitely heard “Hello” on the ol’ radio, just never seen the tennis themed video…

Maybe he’ll take me under his wing and we can have a tennis themed collaboration one day.

I could see you collaborating with ODESZA or something a little more relaxed, especially with the Lorde Remix you’ve got

 Lorde! I have a bunch of pals of pals that went to school with her, she grew up like 30 mins from where I live.

I heard her live vocals aren’t that great live.

Apparently she wee’d herself in year 10, yeah, I don’t know about her live stuff, she canceled the gig I was meant to see her at last year. Still, go see her.


Isn’t she 16 or so?

18 now, they grow up so fast don’t they?

Last, but not least: You don’t really like the hip hop beats?

Actually that’s not totally true. I did a collab with this Polish guy “pan§†aʂ” (Panstach) I met on /mu/ and we ended up making this chillwave / trap hybrid that turned out pretty nice, I love hip-hop beats, I just cant relate to trap at all, and the trap horn, “What?!” sample and 808’s are so played out ya know?