An Innovative Showerhead Bluetooth Speaker

The perfect solution to listening to music in the shower


Have you ever found yourself singing and dancing to your favorite song in the shower? Now, no need to be embarrassed! We’ve all found ourselves using the shampoo bottle as a microphone at one time or another. The only hassle with this is hauling that big speaker of yours into the bathroom, or just settling for the low quality speakers on your phone.

Kohler developed a solution to both of these problems by making a showerhead that doubles as a bluetooth speaker. This showerhead has a detachable (and waterproof) bluetooth speaker that is surrounded by 60 nozzles that shoot out water. Simply enough, all you have to do is connect the speaker to your phone through bluetooth, then pop the speaker into the showerhead. Then you’re all set, now you can belt out the lyrics to Let It Go… ahem… I mean to your favorite song.


Don’t be left thinking that Kohler is the only one that makes such a product. In fact, many other companies have used the same idea, but created their own version of it. So make sure to do your research to find the product that best fits your needs, and budget.