Google Play Music: Now Free

If you’ve been keeping up with the music streaming world, then you know that on June 8th Apple unveiled Apple Music. Apple Music is to rival Spotify as it is free with ad-support, whereas Spotify only offers a free trial for up to 30 days. Only about 20% of Spotify’s users pay for their premium service, while Apple Music aims to take away the other 80% with it’s free service. This will without a doubt hurt the revenue that Spotify makes off of ads. However while the spotlight has been on Spotify and Apple Music, Google has revealed that they will be implementing a free ad-supported version to Google Play Music.

With these two music streaming giants having a free version of their service, will we see Spotify go next? Or will Spotify continue to increase the length of their free trail (as it used to be 48 hours) to try to lure more costumers into using their service. Maybe they will even lower the monthly subscription fee in attempt of bringing back their old costumers. Whatever their next move may be, we can all agree it needs to happen soon to save their user base of 40 million people.