Gavin James – For You (Bearcubs Remix)


Slooooow Down. The vocals to this track are just amazing.

This remix of Gavin James’s track “For You” feels like a smooth cotton-like glass of wine that instantly soothes you after a long day of work. The vocals and beat are as soft and light as a flaky croissant. In this track, there is none of that tacky after-feel of those cheap quality pastries, only that clean and satisfying joy that a genuine and fresh croissant can give you. This track is a testament to the power that perfect harmony between vocals and beats can produce. You don’t need a reason to listen to this beauty of a song. Chill out. Slow down. Wait for Me. Let’s spend time together and savor the moment.

“For You” will go with any mood or occasion. It’s one that won’t ever get old, in the heat of mid July days, or cozied under in the warmth of a thick layers in the midst of a bitterly cold snow storm.

To give you some background on Gavin James, he is a singer songwriter based out of Dublin, Ireland. He has experienced a quick rise in popularity with acclaim from multiple entertainment and news outlets. He has also received Ireland’s Choice Music Prize Award Winner for ‘Song Of The Year.’ He most recent EP “For You” is available for download here.

Bearcubs, who has several great tracks of his own as well as amazing remixes, is an electronic producer from London. His general vibes are chill and melodic with nothing too heavy.


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