The Eden Project – “Jupiter”

The Eden Project (renamed EDEN) is a relatively new and upcoming indie electronic/alternative one-man group. The group is headed by Jonathan Ng out of Dublin, Ireland. Having started in 2012, Eden has not had much recognition until the past year. Their first song I ever heard, XO, was beautifully dramatic and refreshing with its mix of acoustic and synthetic beats. The vocals are striking and tinged with nostalgia. This is a group that I can listen to all day, in any kind of mood. Their songs give listeners a blend of rock and electronic vibes, not quite fully in either genre.

Despite their relative recent rise in exposure, the Eden Project has already released quite a collection of great songs, including covers of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” and Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” as well as their own work. This most recent song, I’ve discovered of theirs, Jupiter, is another testament to the groups’ moving vocals and melodramatic fusion of beats. It is a great addition to their already impressive repertoire.

Many of the Eden Project’s songs are available as free downloads on his Soundcloud, linked below. Give their songs a listen and share if you like them.

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(Image from EDEN’s Twitter)

  • Rexaroni

    It’s one person. Not a group. Other than that I really enjoyed this article.

    • Richard

      Hey Rexaroni, yea sorry about the confusing wording of the article. I meant group as in just a musical entity. I have updated the wording to correct for your comment though. Thanks!