Dead Battery – “Recovery” EP

Dead Battery is a talented Austrian producer whom I have been a fan of for a little over a year now. Dead Battery started producing electronic music about 7 years ago and about two years ago his music grabbed the attention of Kannibalen Records, where he has been signed to ever since. Since his signing, Dead Battery has been occupied with producing two EPs.

Just about a year ago, after releasing “Rapid Fire” with Kannibalen Records owners, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Dead Battery was hospitalized after an unfortunate motorcycle accident. He received severe head injures and was put into a medically induced coma for 2 weeks. After regaining consciousness he spent another 6 months ‘hospital-hopping’ as he went from hospital to hospital to further progress in his lengthy recovery.

Throughout this lengthy recovery, Dead Battery produced an EP consisting of 15 songs and decided on calling the EP “Recovery” for obvious reasons. In the description of his Soundcloud playlist premiering the first few tracks, Dead Battery states “The initial chapter of Recovery recounts Dead Battery’s state of pure unconsciousness. One does not know when one is asleep, and with a coma, it is the same way, but deeper. With sparse arrangements dominated by airy pads, warm keys and the occasional vocal, this chapter serves as the darkness that Dead Battery withstood”.

With the description given, it is quite obvious that this EP is personal to Dead Battery, as its songs are focused around the state of unconsciousness that he was placed in, as well as the recovery that soon followed.

With the songs released so far, I can say without uppermost confidence that Dead Battery has successfully brought a unique and personal style to the EDM scene. A style in which I look forward to seeing more of.

Dead Battery will continue to release new tracks from the Recovery EP every 2 weeks until its expected release date of May 26th. You can follow the progress of the album and/or Dead Battery through his Soundcloud, Twitter, and Facebook.

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