Dana Irving: Escape to an Exceptional World

"Promise", 30 x 60 (2014)

Some artists have an incredible ability to create their own world. Dana Irving is one of them, creating an escape to an exceptional world.

Deeply inspired by the Pacific North West, Irving couldn’t live in a more desirable place – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her landscape paintings have been described as “Emily Carr meets Dr. Seuss” – and rightfully so. Through a playful, fluid, and vivid depiction of her surrounding nature, she invites you to her world. Wise and ancient trees, magnificent snow-capped peaks, vast eternal skies, and a surreal atmosphere tease the imagination. Her works shouldn’t be viewed as individual pieces, but as existing in a singular world. This world feels oddly familiar, as if we’ve all been there before but we can’t quite seem to remember. It’s also quite meditative; the imagery is vibrant, but there’s a general quietness.

With most of us today being “urbanites”, we rarely get the chance to adventure into rugged, untouched nature. We see amazing places (such as the Pacific North West) as existing only on postcards and in movies and use breathtaking pictures of natural scenes as our phone and laptop backgrounds.

If we’re to learn anything from Irving’s work, it’s that we should never stop exploring and never lose our sense of wonder.

But, words (and a plethora of adjectives) can’t do her work justice. Below are just a few of her paintings, but you’ll have to interpret them for yourself.

Nature has always been an influence in Dana’s life. Having grown up in rural northern British Columbia she was exposed to hunting, fishing, canoeing and hiking throughout childhood and as a young adult.  Her travels and work experience have taken her to the tops of mountains in the Kootenays, to the frozen prairies in northern Alberta, to the Rocky Mountains and across Canada to Ontario and Quebec.  Dana has developed a reverence for the natural majesty of this country and it is evident in her painting” – www.danairving.com/biography

Dana Irving, "Firedance" (36 x 36, oil on canvas)

"Guardians (The Golden Spruce)", 36 x 48 (2013)

"Banff Avenue", 36 x 48 (2011)

"Lost and Found", 36 x 48 (2014)

"Cool in the Shadow", 24 x 48 (2014)

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