Broken Back – “Halcyon Birds”

Broken Back

Broken Back is a band, headed by Jérôme, that originated in 2013. Despite having English lyrics, the band is based out of Paris. Having recently risen to emerging recognition, Broken Back is building an impressive repertoire of music with a collaboration with fellow Frenchman Klingande, as well as the release of their debut EP, “Dear Misfortune, Mother of Joy.”

“Halcyon Birds” oozes subliminal relaxation. The light and acoustic beats bring listeners the peace of breezy summer days. The high ooohs in the background generate a purely carefree calm, as if floating in the music. The raspy vocals instantly release any remaining tension and melt you into the memories of glory referenced by the chorus. The lyrics are simple, yet ever so powerful and reminiscent of the good old days. Everything about this song- the beats, the lyrics, the harmony, the title- embodies a genuinely halcyonic experience.

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