Bob Saget on “Sway in the Morning”

Bob Saget is back in action

Bob Saget (yes, the dad from Full House) recently had an interview spot on Sway in the Morning, the popular radio show known for fantastic freestyles and hilarious moments with the faces of hip-hop music. Why Bob Saget was on Sway, I have no idea. I also have no problems with this. I’m extremely satisfied, if anything.

You’ll have to see for yourself whether or not Bob spits fire in a classic Sway freestyle, but if you’re like me you’ll enjoy seeing the Full House star back in action on a radio show you would probably not expect him to be on. Between discussions about Bob’s dorito-smelling poop and his book about becoming a comedian, Bob and Sway cover a great variety of topics in this short-ish interview.

The clip posted on YouTube is 18 minutes long and is posted on Sway’s YouTube channel, SwaysUniverse.