An Interview with Photographer Lewis Gault

Lewis Gault

I recently came across the Instagram account (speaking of Instagram…) of Lewis Gault, an 18 year old Scottish photographer whose images completely blew me away. The depths of his shots are so inspiring that I had to talk to him. We spent the first two hours of our ‘interview’ (which was so casual I think we both forgot that it was an interview) talking about cameras and trying out different shots and lenses. However we eventually sat down and began discussing the questions I wanted to know the answers to.

Rachel: Have you taken any interesting shots today?
Lewis: Yeah I have, of a friend.

R: What are they like?
L: I don’t know, I just take stuff and find out, I’m an exciting guy aren’t I?

R: So you don’t usually have specific inspiration behind your shots?
L: Not really, I have to say, I just like experimenting with my photos.

R: So you never set out to get anything specific?
L: Not usually, sometimes I see something on the internet or a photo I like and try to recreate it, with my own twist on it. That’s probably more plagiarism than anything.

R: What is the best shoot you’ve ever done?
L: San Fransisco

R: why was that the best?
L: It’s a huge, big, cultured city with a lot of art and history behind it. I thought it was really easy to photograph in general.

R: You said you took some shots of a friend today, your previous work doesn’t have many people in them though.
L: Not as such, other than myself, which is a very lonely thing to say!

R: So you’re a big selfie fan?
L: Not as such.. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a selfie

R: Where would be your dream place to photograph?
L: Hm, probably somewhere dark with a lot of stars.

R: What would be your dream job?
L: Astronaut. Doesn’t everyone want to be an Astronaut?

R: I don’t.
L: Why not? It would be a lot of fun. Even though I’m afraid of heights.. You would be able to get such good photos from space.

R: Does being afraid of heights get in the way of your photography?
L: Not really, I feel more comfortable climbing something that’s been there hundreds of years rather than climbing something that’s been there for two years.

R: When did you get into photography?
L: When I realised I could take something I’ve seen and share it with others.

R: You can do that through a lot of art forms though, so why photography specifically?
L: I’m crap at painting, the honest reason.

R: What photo are you most proud of?
L: That’s a mean question.. I don’t remember really, I think it would be one of the ones where I work with other people to get the best shots. Or actually some of the ones I got in Yosemite, now that I think about it.





You can check out Lewis’ photographs on his Instagram account or email him at