The MOR Network is a network of nine YouTube music channels, one record label, multiple international projects, hundreds of artists, and thousands of dedicated supporters. The latest addition to the family is the MOR Network website, where we look forward to expanding our amazing community even further.

Featuring the best in chilled, bass, indie, electronic, house, drum & bass, electro-swing, & hip-hop music, the MOR Network constantly spreads music, art, and photography across a diverse international audience.


Our Philosophy

What began with a YouTube channel back in 2011 to promote the best of an emerging genre, chillstep, has grown into something bigger than just a source for music over these past few years. With MOR, we’re trying to create something that appeals to the artist in everyone. We wish to set a new precedent for music and art communities through the creation of a true community for all tastes, sourced at the wishes of the artists and viewers. We’d love to lend a hand to any hardworking, talented artist looking for some promotion, but that’s not all MOR is about.

The MOR Network is, first and foremost, about community. MOR is a platform for enthusiasts, hobbyists, and hardcore creators alike to connect and discover. Providing artists with publicity is not our only objective, we want to help create new artists, friendships, and passions. We’ve come a long way since 2011, and we’re very eager to see what awaits in the future. And none of this would have been made possible without your assistance and involvement.

“Ohana means family. And family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”  – Stitch