Monthly Archives: May 2015

Introducing: Farm & Bass

You heard it here first: FnB (also known as FARM & BASS) is the next big genre, following a surge in new genres and styles over the course of this year thus far. The first few flames of FnB were left behind by DJ Tracktor (rest in peace) about a decade ago, and since then

The Eden Project – “Jupiter”

The Eden Project (renamed EDEN) is a relatively new and upcoming indie electronic/alternative one-man group. The group is headed by Jonathan Ng out of Dublin, Ireland. Having started in 2012, Eden has not had much recognition until the past year. Their first song I ever heard, XO, was beautifully dramatic and refreshing with its mix of acoustic

An Interview with Photographer Lewis Gault

I recently came across the Instagram account (speaking of Instagram…) of Lewis Gault, an 18 year old Scottish photographer whose images completely blew me away. The depths of his shots are so inspiring that I had to talk to him. We spent the first two hours of our ‘interview’ (which was so casual I think we both forgot that