Monthly Archives: March 2015

HONNE – “Coastal Love”

Off the forthcoming "Coastal Love" EP...

London duo HONNE (the romaji for 本音, meaning true feelings) recently shared “Coastal Love”, the first track off a newly announced Coastal Love EP. I’ve been paying close attention to HONNE since they first posted music on SoundCloud around 8 months ago. Since then they’ve consistently been putting out fantastic tracks, each of them receiving hundreds of thousands

Meadowlark – “Fly”

I’ve had this track bookmarked for a while (to share), but every time I start listening to it I find myself on a music-spree (and never get around to sharing it). With a track like this, no matter what mood you might have had before, you’ll be in a music mood after listening. Fly is

RAINES – “Ghosts”

Debut track from UK artist RAINES

Debut tracks show a lot about an artist. It’s essentially a first impression, giving the listener a “preview” of what you can expect with later releases. It’s not uncommon for a debut to be a bit lackluster, even for artists who end up doing extremely well. On the other hand, it isn’t every day you