“MOMENTS //NYC” Short Film

A collaborative cinematography film..

“MOMENTS” is a video created  by two people Tim Sessler and Cameron Michael, using the Freefly Mimic (stabilizer for your camera). Using this tool they were able to capture magnificent shots that look just like the Hollywood shots you often see but on a much smaller, more natural scale. This along with great cinematography allowed them to

Hazel English – “Never Going Home”

Dreamy indie-pop..

Hazel English – “Never Going Home” The folks over at Majestic Casual have found a real gem in Oakland indie-pop artist Hazel English. The first thing that came to mind when I heard this was, “Am I listening to the female counterpart of Day Wave?”, which I think is a pretty fair thing to say. Both

Phantogram – “Fall In Love” (Ardency Remix)

An amazing "neon 80s" remix..

Phantogram – Fall In Love (Ardency Remix) If you haven’t already heard Ardency’s remix of Phantogram’s track, “Fall In Love”, do yourself a favor and listen to this as soon as possible. “Fall In Love” was off Phantogram’s 2014 album “Voices” and was arguably the most noteworthy track off of it. The electronic-rock duo from

“NAVARRE THE LAND OF LIGHT” – Landscape Time-Lapse

In this beautiful time-lapse we see snow peaked mountains, desert canyons, lush green fields, very nice waterfalls with green blue water. If you happen to not know where Navarre is it’s located in Northern Spain. This is an absolutely stunning video showcasing the beautiful of this region and just the taste of a beautiful country.

Ellie Goulding – “Love Me Like You Do” (Cavaro & Argüello Remix)

When a hit is taken to another level

Ellie Goulding – “Love Me Like You Do” (Cavaro & Argüello Remix) When a song becomes a hit, a wave of remixes comes with it. In this case Cavaro and Argüello, two emerging music producers from Latin America, offer a totally different perspective of Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do”, the acclaimed soundtrack for Fifty Shades of

Dead Battery – “Recovery” EP

Dead Battery is a talented Austrian producer whom I have been a fan of for a little over a year now. Dead Battery started producing electronic music about 7 years ago and about two years ago his music grabbed the attention of Kannibalen Records, where he has been signed to ever since. Since his signing, Dead Battery has been occupied with

Ta-ku – “Love Again” (feat. JMSN & Sango)

Ta-ku – “Love Again” (feat. JMSN & Sango) Been loving Ta-ku’s music for some time now, and it’s been great to see his style constantly developing. leading up to the unique and alternative style heard in “Love Again”. Originally found him during my “Nujabes phase” (I feel like everyone needs to have that at some

“The Perfect Place To Be” A Film by Josh Kang

“The Perfect Place To Be” is a short film that hits close to home especially if you are close to someone and feel the same way like they do in the video. This video was created for the car manufacturer  The Lincoln Motor Company. This video combines a wonderfully written story and the beautiful landscape

Iron & Wine – “Naked As We Came” (Broke For Free Remix)

Chillwave? is best

This amazing remix of “Naked As We Came” was posted just two days ago and is already one of my favorite releases of the year thus far. Oakland native Tom Cascino, a.k.a. Broke For Free, is a bedroom producer making “chillwave?” beats that are posted for free on his BandCamp page, licensed entirely through Creative Commons. About two days

An Artistic Film About the Creation of a Beretta

By Paolo Manfrin

BERETTA “Human Technology” from Paola Manfrin. If you happen to not know what Beretta is, it’s an Italian-based multinational firearms manufacturer. They make beautiful handcrafted guns, and in this video director Paola Manfrin gives you a look into how they make their handcrafted shotgun. In this video, we see that technology and handcrafted woodworking be mutually beneficial in making

Bob Saget on “Sway in the Morning”

Bob Saget is back in action

Bob Saget (yes, the dad from Full House) recently had an interview spot on Sway in the Morning, the popular radio show known for fantastic freestyles and hilarious moments with the faces of hip-hop music. Why Bob Saget was on Sway, I have no idea. I also have no problems with this. I’m extremely satisfied, if

Boogrov – “Ostium” EP

Moscow electronic producer Andrew Boogrov presents his new EP "Ostium"

Boogrov is ranked among the most perspective young artists from Russia, and guy’s management calls him “Russian Mark Ronson” for fun. Boogrov is a collaboration master, a talented arranger and a person with a good taste. Many famous vocalists and best indie-groups’ frontmen would like to work with him. Andrew’s style balances between neo-soul, pop-music,

Hudson Mohawke – “RYDERZ”

LQ Rip, But Great Track Nonetheless

Famous Scottish producer Ross Birchard, better known as Hudson Mohawke, unveiled yet another track for his upcoming solo album “Lantern”. This will be Hudson Mohawke’s first solo album in six years. Since then he has been working with famous musicians such as Kanye, Drake, and Lunice. On April 12th, Hudson Mohawke previewed his song ‘RYDERZ’ during his Rinse

“Summer” Mark Mazur’s Series of Short Films About a Season

A Vimeo Staff Pick

Directed by Mark Mazur. “Summer” is a series of short films dedicated to nothing other than summer. These videos artistically highly all sorts of everyday things done during the season, such as drinking ice coffee, fishing, playing sports, and hanging out with family. All three videos are extremely well done using, making use of close-up footage and very powerful cinematography. Each video

“One Bright Dot” Short Film

“One Bright Dot” is a stunning short video featuring superb particle-design, modeling, and animation. One Bright Dot follows one little dot and its small journey. The team behind this video have combined excellent sound design and animation to create a wonderful video blending low-poly with high-poly modeling complementing each other. Credits: Pictures : Clément Morin (http://clement-morin.com) Music :